Hello, I’m Matthew Jackson. I love making games. I have a range of experience as a... 

︎︎︎Programmer & Designer, currently undertaking his final year of Computer Science (Games Programming Major) at Swinburne University of Technology.

︎︎︎Writer with a Bachelors of Creative Writing (Upper Distinction) from Falmouth University. 

︎︎︎Performer & Teacher of Live Comedy around Melbourne with Soothplayers and The Improv Conspiracy Theatre.


My Arms Are Longer Now

My Arms Are Longer Now was made in 48 hours for the 2021 Global Game Jam (January 29-31).

Using their very long arm, the player pick-pockets their way through crippling medical debt (elective arm lengthening surgery).

Working alongside Millie Holten (artist and co-designer), Matthew was the programer, and designer for this sickly little game.

Github Repo
Web GL Demo

Jadex DCOP Solver

Over four months in 2020, I worked in a small trio of undergraduates to create a program that uses an existing solving algorithm (Adopt) to solve Distributed Constraint Optimisation Problems (DCOP). The program used Active Components (also known as JadeX) - a framework for programming distributed concurrent systems and was modeled off of the popular Python library, PyDCOP. Below is a snippet of the console output of communication messages being sent over the multi-agent framework to begin solving the DCOP.

Github Repo
Project Report

Happy Anniversary Susan

“It’s the anniversary of Toby and Susan’s marriage. It has not been going well. Help Toby make a last-ditch attempt at romance before Susan comes home from her long day at work! If you fail, they will get divorced. If you succeed, they just might eek out another year!”

This game was made with artist Millie Holten in Unity over 48 hours for Ludum Dare #46 - “Keep It Alive”.

Github Repo 
Game Download

The Boids & Bees (& Trickshots)

“These three proof-of-concept builds were made for an AI for Games unit at Swinburne. I threw them together in Python using the Pyglet library.”

The first proof of concept is a simple boids flocking simulation. Layering forces of coupling, cohesion, and allignment in groups of agents so that they move around in flocks.

I wrote a report on my boids build here.

The next is a RTS style pathfinding simulation where two “beehives” deploy pathfinding bees and hornets to collect pollen and fight over flowers. The simulation used A* searches to generate paths.

I wrote a report on the bees build & a seperate data analysis report here.

The last is a trickshot simulation where an agent uses depth limited searches to find the quickest way to shoot all the other agents in a scene with the fewest shots fired. resulting in a bunch of two for one shots.

I wrote a report for the trickshots build here.