Fate & Fables
“A Fantasy Roleplaying Podcast set in the dungeons and dragons 5th edition. The podcast is made up of a series of Fables starring a rotating cast of heroes played by professional actors, improvisors, and comedians!”

I ran, wrote, produced and edited Fate & Fables over three years. The show reached over 32,000 downloads over the 49 episodes. 

Along with co-producer Millie Holten, we also ran Fate & Fables Live here in Melbourne at the TIC Theatre, selling over 150 tickets.

Soothplayers - Bardic Inspiration

In 2020 the Plague shut our theatres, so the cast of Completely Improvised Shakespeare turned to D&D to keep playing together during the lockdowns. Now you can join their table for live-streamed sessions every Sunday night at 7:30pm AEST. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to watch live and recorded episodes, and follow on TikTok @Bardic_Inspo.

I am a castmember on Bardic Inspiration and stream live fortnightly with “The Magical Cane Band” party of adventurers.