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My Arms Are Longer Now

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My Arms Are Longer Now is a comedic 2D stealth/narrative game for MAC and PC. You play a long-armed criminal mastermind. With your disgusting long arms, you’ll avoid security systems, decipher blueprints, put a sock on your hand and flirt with a lonely security guard - whatever it takes to pull off the perfect heist! 

My Arms Are Longer Now was made in 48 hours for the 2021 Global Game Jam (January 29-31).

Working alongside Millie Holten (artist and co-designer), Matthew was the programer, and designer for this sickly little game.

Toot Games is currently in the process of seeking funding for further development of this gross and silly game.

That’s Dale!

Web GL Demo <- PLAY HERE

Play as my friend Dale, as he juggles the work-life-balance of being an animator and dedicated boyfriend. Hayley Tantau voices the role of Hayley Tantau, Dale’s partner. 

This game was made specifically for Dale (for his birthday) over the course of a week in September 2021. Art & Sound was done by Millie Holten.

The dot cloud algorithm used to train/recognise the desired drawings uses the $P algorythm laid out here. 


Windows Build <- Download Here

Bottled! Is a 3D puzzle platformer full of mischief and magic. Explore the home of a forgetful old witch as you control Noodles, a little potion bottle who has been brought to life.

The animation magic was taxing, however, and the Witch has fallen ill. Collect ingredients to brew potions, and gain new abilities and unlock new areas. Can you become a healing potion in time to save the Witch?

(Ending is currently bugged, to be updated at a later date)

Happy Anniversary Susan

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“It’s the anniversary of Toby and Susan’s marriage. It has not been going well. Help Toby make a last-ditch attempt at romance before Susan comes home from her long day at work! If you fail, they will get divorced. If you succeed, they just might eek out another year!”

This was Toot Games first game, made in April 2020 with artist Millie Holten in Unity over 48 hours for Ludum Dare #46 - “Keep It Alive”.

What Happens To Corn?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to corn after you have chomped it down? Well, now you don’t have to! Join a cluster of kernels as they explore the most beautiful and wondrous world that is THE HUMAN DIGESTIVE TRACT!

What Happens To Corn is a jam game made in 72 hours by Toot Games during Ludum Dare #48 for the theme Deeper and Deeper. Art by Millie Holten and music by Broni Lisle.